Transmutation was created by myself, Nic Lyness (designer) and Pritish Choudhary (programmer) in collaboration with audio students Chris Ware and Ash Ball, as well as animators Chenlin Wang and Peter Buck over a 6 week period and was the final project of our studio one class.

In the underground canteen of a nuclear power plant at the start of a mutant creating meltdown, the player must take control of three characters each with their own weapon and attempt to survive the two minutes it takes for the elevator to reach their floor, avoiding both the mutants and utilizing the radioactive goop they leave behind to become stronger and faster.

The requirements of this project was to create a game where the player had to switch between three characters, but never control more than one at a time and it could only be played using a controller.

It is worth noting that this game was showcased at the event “Brass Razoo!” at “This Must be the Place” in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Brass Razoo! was created by my current university SAE Quantm Institute, to showcase work done by student game developers for local developers.

Transmutation is available to download on It requires a controller to play (only confirmed to work with an Xbox 360 controller)

The game design document, technical design document and the high concept document are available on google drive.



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