Hardware Limitations

Over the past week I have discovered that having a job that doesn’t understand/respect how university works in regards to assessment is very frustrating, and having to work when I need to be studying is having serious repercussions on my time management, not only is it taking up my time but its a lot harder to fight procrastination when you are too tired to function properly.

In regards to Scripting for Game Developers, I had my first run in with hardware limitations with my code. Since last trimester I have stopped using my desktop computer and started using a laptop so I can get work done on the go, and I found out fairly quickly that track pads don’t work well for video games, for example, in the Shoot ’em up that’s currently being made in class the original control scheme used clicking to shoot lasers whilst using w, a, s and d but, and I’m not exactly sure why, whenever I was moving I could no longer shoot. This was a very easy problem to fix but it is good to keep in mind that if I want someone to be able to play my game on a laptop without a mouse, then I wouldn’t be able to use and track pad inputs, and its always good to consider who you want to play your game when you’re making it.