The Bot Tournament – Post Mortem

As mentioned in my previous blog, my intention going in was to make a bot that focused heavily on bullet dodging, with stat allocation weighted into movement speed.

In theory the faster I moved, the harder it would be for people to hit me and the easier it would be to dodge bullets.

As is the case with most project work, my ideas changed as I went on. With the time frame I had and the other commitments I have made, I had to simplify what I wanted. I threw out the idea of bullet dodging in the hopes that my movement speed would be enough to avoid most hits. Unfortunately this was not the case.


Movement was done by having the bot select a random spot somewhere on the map, moving to that spot and selecting another spot. Aiming was done by searching around the bot until a target was seen, shooting and then checking the same spot. If the enemy bot was not in the same spot, it would go back to scanning around the bot. Unfortunately, as the bot was shooting dead ahead every time, the accuracy was poor.


My bot, Russell Crowe, came 8th out of 12, which is okay but definitely not as high as I would have liked.


The biggest issue I had was with time management, I had committed to too much before uni had started and unfortunately somethings overlapped so that when uni came around I didnt have enough time to do as much uni work as I would have liked.


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