What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Part 2

Since my previous blog about what I want to be when I grow up, I’ve been looking at more of what a gameplay programmer does and how I can go about trying to get a job as one. 

In January 2014 Anna Ljungberg, who was a gameplay programmer for Codemasters at the time, did an interview with Develop about what developers look for in people applying for becoming a gameplay programmer, and what her job role is with Codemasters.
To begin with, Anna says she is currently working on the camera system for a title that’s in the works, but confirms what I have read a gameplay programming as she continues to say she works on “All game-related tasks as required.”

When it comes to getting a job, Anna recommends not only to know how to program and how games work, but to prove that you can do it for a living by doing stuff in your spare time to prove that you are committed and interested in making games.

When looking for someon for her team, Anna said she looked for people who are enthusiastic about about making games and the knowledge to make one. 

Finally Anna says that the thing she enjoys the most about being a gameplay programmer is the opportunity to further her knowledge in multiple fields and the opportunity to specialise in a particular area and become an expert in those fields.
That last part in particular basically sums up why I want to be a gameplay programmer. I’m excited by the idea that I can get better at multiple fields and if later in my career I decided that there is one thing that I really like doing, then I can advance my knowledge on that field and ideally work on just that component.


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