Ball Ball Self Evaluation

The blog will be about how I feel I went with Ball Ball, specifically where I felt I did well and where I can improve and what lessons I will take with me into my future projects.


What I did well:

As mentioned in the post mortem blog, I felt my communication with my team mate was very good. We would both constantly update the other person with information like when we are working on the game and what we are working on, and ideas for how to fix any issues that might occur. I will definitely make sure to continue to keep communication with team mates in the future.

I also tried to do things I haven’t done before, such as using a line renderer to track where the mouse is in relation to the ball after the ball was clicked and the mouse is being held down, and I iterated over code so that it would perform the same function but in less lines of code or slightly more efficient. In the future, I will definitely push myself to try new things in my code, as its the only way I’ll get any better at programming. I feel that iterating over my code is also a very good practice to get into.


What I did not do well:

One area I felt I was lacking was definitely the amount of work I did. Although the project did get to a point we were both happy with, my team mate did most of the work and I definitely could have done more. Life getting in the way was partially to blame for a small portion of the project time, but it was mostly just me finding it to get back into the swing of things after the holidays (I have already regained the drive to do lots of work), which is in no way a good excuse for not doing work. In the future I will make sure to allocate my time better.

In conclusion, after identifying the strengths and issues with my work ethic over the previous project I definitely feel ready to work harder in the future and improve my work ethic.




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