The Rise and Fall of Ball Ball

Over the past week and a half I have been working on a 2D puzzle game, similar to ‘Angry Birds’, called Ball Ball with a partner with the intent to present it to the class and upload it to here

To sum up the process, I will talk about the things that went really right or really wrong.

Firstly, what went right.

The teamwork involved in making Ball Ball was great. We constantly maintained a high level of communication and organization. Whenever an issue occurred we would report it to the other member, talk about how we want it to be fixed and how it would be possible to do that in code which made fixing said issues a lot easier than if either of us were to try to tackle them alone. To repeat this in the future I will be sure to in force and maintain communication with all team members I directly work with when necessary.

Secondly, what went wrong.

The first thing to come to mind was the scope of the project. Although we did get the project to a level we were both happy with, we realized towards the end of the project that there were things that we were not going to get into the game, such as a spring object, because the scope was just too big for the amount of time we had. To avoid this in the future, I should make sure that the scope is refined to a point that may potentially be smaller than what I should be able to do and add more to the desirables of a project in order to guarantee everything that is in the scope gets done, but still make sure that the desirable list isn’t unrealistically big for the project.



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