Surviving The Economy

This week we were given our final game assessment for this module, which is any sort of game that has some kind of resource management. I opted for creating another survival shooter and creating a scoring system where the points can be spent to buy upgrades for the character.

Obviously, the first step in creating a survival shooter with an economy system is to create a survival shooter. The player movement will be basic wasd movement with a following top down camera. The next step will be to create a single enemy type that will constantly follow the player around trying to catch them. By the end there will be more than one enemy type and they will have more health and different move speeds. After that the player and enemy will need to have their basic interactions such as dealing damage to each other and the player will have to gain points which they can spend. The hardest part will most likely be my spawn mechanic.

Currently, I am planning to have four seperate spawn points and three enemy types and the way I want my spawning to work is that a certain amount of enemies will spawn each round, with the amount increasing each round and both the enemy position and type of enemy being randomly decided.

Natrually there will also be relevant UI elements such as an ammo count, amount of points the player has and some kind of end game menu.

Along with this, in class we are creating a real time strategy game that has the ability to let the player click and drag to select things as well as build different kinds of buildings.


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