As the trimester comes to an end, it’s a good time for reflecting on how I feel I went and how I can improve.

Overall I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but I also had no idea how full on this trimester would be. Turns out learning C++ is still hard if you’re good at C# and group projects don’t always go well. Who would have guessed?

In regards to Scripting for Game Developers, I think I did okay academically. At this point in time I don’t have my results for the survival shooter, and I’m pretty sure I was only a few marks off a distinction for “Angry Cars” which is a little disappointing, but still good. I also now have my own personal library of mechanics from various genres of games which I can now use in future projects and build on, which I am very happy about. I also got to help a few of my designer friends with their projects which I enjoyed doing, as it helps me think about how I would do certain mechanics and helps me remember mechanics Ive done in the past, and I always enjoy helping friends.

Naturally, I still have plenty of room for improvement, which is good. I would hate to think I have already hit the peak of my programming ability without even reaching the half way point of my uni course. It would seem my time management is still an issue, potentially because I came into this trimester a little over confident and in the future I should allow myself some slack time so that if I run into any problems I don’t start getting pressured by a lack of time.

I would like to end this trimester by thanking my amazing lectures for another great trimester at SAE.


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