Building Blocks

This week in class, while working on the real time strategy game, the mechanic we were implementing was the ability to allow the player the option to place a building somewhere on that map by pressing a button and selecting the location.

As mentioned, by clicking a button the player would bring up a “ghost-like” square that would follow around the player indicating the location the building will be placed in. If the building can be placed in the current location, the square will be green and if it cant it will be red. On placement a basic animation will play that makes it look like a cube is rising from the ground, representing the building being built. We also implemented a second building which was thinner, but longer and before the lesson ended I managed to implement a third button that hid the first two until it was pressed, representing a build menu that would show all the potential buildings that can be built.

In regards to the assessment, I have made progress with player and camera movement. Both are working as intended and I gave the camera a very small amount of lag, so instead of directly following the player, if the player moves it will wait a fraction of a second before moving. The effect is barely noticeable but it makes moving back and fourth a lot less jarring.

As I’m sure I thoroughly enjoy figuring out how to turn an idea for a game into a functioning mechanic, I imagine it would be even more fun without a lingering due date, but I guess unless I work for myself I’m always going to have a time frame I have to work with but even then, if I don’t set myself a time limit I run the risk of never completing a project.


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