Controller Support

This week one of the tasks we did in class was enabling the use of controllers in our 2.5D sidescrollers using unity’s input manager. I will admit, it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be when I’ve played a game using a controller in the past, but still very cool to finally be able to do. Doing this also enabled us to add a second playable character (This time it was a spider) to the game, and after adjusting the script a little we then had a very simple multiplayer game. At this point in time the camera was still connected to the skeleton character, so the next step was to create a script that allowed the camera to behave much like the camera in a super smash brothers game. Finally, the lesson was ended by having to enable the players to take damage when hit by the other player and eventually die, which gave our multiplayer game a goal and thus ending the work on this particular game. Next week we are starting the base for the next assessment  in class which is a resource management game.


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