Enemies and Enemies and Enemies

This week was the official end of the Shoot em up  and the start of the first person shooter. The idea of the first person shooter is  to create a survival type game mode where the enemies should be constantly spawning and looking for the player using a ray cast and following them around, ideally doing damage to the player and being able to take damage from the player and nearby explosive barrels.

Working on the first person shooter this week, I learnt how to make a basic enemy spawner and worked on creating an enemy that could detect the player using a ray cast and constantly move towards the player whilst it’s in the enemy objects vision. Whilst doing this I couldn’t help but enjoy learning the basics for mechanics which I can and will improve upon in the future and it’s always satisfying doing code that I have never done before.

Being code I hadn’t done before I was largely reliant of the tutors instructions, which is fine considering I am still a student and all, but the important part now is to remember, revise and practice the code in the future.

Along with starting the first person shooter, we were also officially given the brief for our first assessment “Angry Cars”. As you can probably gather from the name, the idea is to create something that takes inspiration from both “Angry Birds” and a generic racing game. The core dynamic of the game is to have a player drive through a course gaining speed and then have them hit a ramp in an attempt to hit blocks and gain points. I already have a few ideas for the game to make it my own and I look forward to working on it. Over the coming weeks.


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