Almost Crunch Time

Over the passed week, I have been hard at work on the current assessment for Scripting for Game Developers. The assessment is to make a game similar to the classic angry birds but with a bit of a new perspective. Instead of flinging birds at pigs, we get to drive cars into some kind of blocks in order to gain points. Its an interesting concept and I am currently most of the way through it but I still need to implement the blocks and come up with some kind of scoring system.

Along with the assessment there is also a 1st person shooter brief that the class started on last week, when we implemented rocket jumping, unfortunately with the work load, I have been putting it off as it doesn’t have an effect on my grade and I
have other assessment I need to focus on. Ideally it will give me something to do for the study week that’s coming up in a fortnights time because it does look kind of fun, and practicing programming is the best and maybe the only way to really learn how to program.


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