Round Three

Trimester three has started and I’m back to flexing my programming muscles. This trimester will be a lot more full on, and iv already had a taste of whats to come. This trimester iv already experienced a few new things, for example this trimester I will be programming in both the C# (which is the previous programming language I used) and C++ which iv never used before. Along with with the new language I have also got a class dedicated to simulating industry (in the form of dealing with clients) and another class dedicated to practicing game mechanics, which will be the topic for most of my blog posts for this trimester.

The subject Scripting for Game Developers is the second subject at SAE to teach the Game Development students C# programming. The first module, Introduction to Scripting, focused on the basics of programming (introducing students to the different variable types and proper syntax) and this module is focused on teaching students different mechanics eg. Rocket jumping, AI detection and controller support, and more.

The first in class task was to create a 2.5D ‘Shoot ’em up’ with certain functions such as multiple weapons, scrolling enemies and a boundary for the player. The first mechanics implemented were player movement and the boundary as well as a single laser weapon.

This was a great start to the trimester for me. I did very well in the previous scripting class and these tasks were a very nice warm up to get back into scripting this trimester and a good indication of what’s to come.

By the next class, I intend to have a guided missile weapon implemented that deals more damage, targets the closest enemy at the time of it being fired but has a higher cool down.


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