ESCAPE! and the end of trimester 2

So again, I’m going to use being busy as an excuse for not writing more blog posts, and I am sure this wont be the last time. I have been working on my game, ESCAPE! (which is the final piece of assessment for one of my current classes), and the good news is, its almost done. I just have to add some sound, UI, make two more objects functional, maybe make it look a little better, and I am done.

The above video is a pretty early look at the game, and it currently looks very different. I have attempted to make a more recent video, but my computer crashed while it was uploading and I lost everything I recorded, and I never got around to re recording it.


I also have another piece of assessment (which admittedly I haven’t started yet) that is more on the theory side of things. I have to read my cities 10 year plan to try an improve the creative industry in the area (which is currently a complete and utter joke), and critique it. From what I have heard, the 10 year plan is also a complete joke.


I probably wont post again until the new year when I start a project with some friends from uni which isn’t currently worth talking about yet.