Income vs Art

This week’s message again a pretty simple one: generally speaking, the more you get paid to use your skills to create, the less creative the work. Fortunately, there are varying paths someone can take with varying degrees of income and varying degrees of creativity.

Instead of listing all the different possible variations for every possible creative industry, I am just going to stick to my field, game programming, and talk about a few examples of what the salary is like in this area according to

Firstly, the ‘big company’ jobs. Lucky for me programming is one of the better paying job in this area, being beaten by very few other professions. Much like the full time jobs, programmers who choose to work via contracting are also one of the better paid people.

Alternatively, programmers are one of the lower paid people when it comes to the indie development side of things.

The first two work types definitely are on the less creative side of things, where as an indie programmer would likely have more of a say in the games creation.

With all this being said, programming is probably considered to be less creative than most other creative industry jobs, especially in the video game industry, so the argument / lifestyle choice of income vs art probably applies a lot less to me as it does for others in the creative industry, but I’m not sure how I would handle having to program the latest my little pony / barbie game year after year when I could just say ‘Fuck it’ and create my own games with lasers and explosions.

Taken from wikipedia
Taken from wikipedia

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