We Are All The Same

Aaaaaand we are back. Trimester 2 has begun and we have started on a note that is extremely obvious and concerning. One example of this is that we, the creative few attempting to make a future in various entertainment industries, are all the same. Working our assess off so we can get the qualification to maybe work low income jobs with long hours if we are lucky. Why? Because we all have our creative itch that needs to be scratched. Apparently we would rather scratch that itch than be well off.

Will work for food

In my experience, I can confirm this theory. After all, I chose to go to uni so I can get a bachelor in game development, after turning down a very well-paying job as a real estate agent with one of the fastest growing agencies in Queensland, Australia. So now instead of being able to buy a house in a year or two, but I am now in thousands of dollars of debt, that’s slowly getting bigger and bigger as I progress through my course. But even saying this, I have no interest in quitting the course and begging for the opportunity to be a real estate agent. I turned it down because I would much rather do something I love (create video games) and just scrape by, then earn a very decent amount of money and work a job that doesn’t feel fulfilling.

Sorry, not hiring

So why do we do it? After looking into it a little, I came across a few different reasons. Poet Kwame Dawes says “I write in what is probably a vain effort to somehow control the world in which I live, recreating it in a manner that satisfies my sense of what the world should look like and be like.” Dancer Gina Gibney says “I make art for a few reasons. In life, we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating art brings things back together.” Animator Pete Docter “I make art primarily because I enjoy the process. Its fun making things.” (http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/, 2008).

So armed with this knowledge I have come to this complex and unexpected conclusion on “why we do it”. Ready? It’s because we can and we feel like it. There really is no other rhyme or reason. Like I said earlier, we all have that itch that needs a scratch.Arting

Now here is the weird part. After talking about how I turned down a well-paying job to maybe get a job that doesn’t pay all that well and work absolutely ridiculous hours, purely because I have the desire to make games, I am actually more excited than ever to become a programmer.


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