Who I am as a media user

I consider myself to be fairly involved in most forms of media. I watch a lot of movies and a lot of popular TV shows, In the car I often listen to the radio and go to see my favorite bands live whenever I have the chance, if a book is being made into a movie ill often read the book, along with some popular books, with video games probably being the form of media I know the best. After being given this information about someone, most people, including myself, would probably consider that person to just be part of the ‘mindless masses’. Iv never considered myself to be apart of that ‘group’, and I guess the one thing that would separate me from that group (whether or not it really exists) is my knowledge of video games and the video game industry. As a future creator of video games, I would like to think that my history with media has given me experience on the consumer side of the industry and could potentially mean that, having played my fair share of games that have probably been released too early and been almost unplayable with the amount of bugs they have , that id be more inclined to work harder to create games that work, and have them out on time.


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