Reus game review

I wrote a review for the Indie game Reus made by Abbey Games. Here is the link:



As one would expect from an aspiring game developer, I do draw some inspiration from other games iv played and even a couple of movies/TV shows. I love the idea of “Post-Apocolyptia” whether it nuclear fallout or zombies. Something about the idea of man kind having to start over and rebuild seems perfect for video games. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are two of my favorite games, particularly Fallout 3, which is probably my biggest source of inspiration. Another large source is Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, made by the same company as Fallout 3. Skyrim has a very ridiculous amount of freedom for a video game, go anywhere and do (almost) anything, and although a game like that would take a very long time (The companies next game, Fallout 4, has been in development for 8 years). Other games I draw inspiration from are Kingdom Hearts for his amazing, tear jerking story of a kid trying to save the world from destruction while looking for his two best friends. Bioshock for its environmental design and story that makes you question everything with three simple words (“Would you kindly?”) and Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro for just being really great, entertaining games.

Future Prediction

Tomorrows lottery numbers are as followed:

Just kidding, this isn’t that kind of future prediction, this is more of a future estimate based on what has been popular in the past and the resurfacing on previous trends. A great example of this is the film industry, twenty (or so) years ago some of the biggest movie series were Jurassic Park, Mad Max, Star Wars. Right now Jurassic World and Mad Max are currently in the cinema, making a lot of money, Star Wars episode 7 will be out soon, and Indiana Jones had a 4th movie made not long ago, with a 5th movie “in the talks”. To the best of my knowledge, the trend seems to be this, growing up people will see a movie, such as Jurassic Park, and love it. Said people will then continue to grow up, get married, have kids, and think to themselves “I want my kids to grow up doing the same thing I did.”, lucky for them their happens to be a new Jurassic World movie in the cinema. I could take the easy way out and say “Black Panther” will be popular in a few years, even though nobody knows who he is (I’m willing to bet that after his Marvel movie, that is announced for 2017-2018, its going to be considered weird for people to not know who he is). Instead, i’m going to attempt to make a prediction away from any media industry, and instead make a prediction on shoes. Growing up, sneakers that lit up with every step you take were the coolest shoes you could own, and with a large increase in popularity of sneakers, I feel like its only a matter of time before everyone decides that they want their shoes to light up whenever they take a step.

Who I am as a media user

I consider myself to be fairly involved in most forms of media. I watch a lot of movies and a lot of popular TV shows, In the car I often listen to the radio and go to see my favorite bands live whenever I have the chance, if a book is being made into a movie ill often read the book, along with some popular books, with video games probably being the form of media I know the best. After being given this information about someone, most people, including myself, would probably consider that person to just be part of the ‘mindless masses’. Iv never considered myself to be apart of that ‘group’, and I guess the one thing that would separate me from that group (whether or not it really exists) is my knowledge of video games and the video game industry. As a future creator of video games, I would like to think that my history with media has given me experience on the consumer side of the industry and could potentially mean that, having played my fair share of games that have probably been released too early and been almost unplayable with the amount of bugs they have , that id be more inclined to work harder to create games that work, and have them out on time.